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Parent Access

Please use the links below to access parent/student resources:

Edulink - Click here for: Report an absence - Parents Evenings - Update student information - and more! SCO Pay - Cashless catering and Trips

Satchel:One Parent Login

Edulink Logins

The school code is: arch

Your Edulink login will be emailed to you from please check spam/junk folders if you didn't receive one.

Your username starts with p_ followed by your first initial and your surname. For example Joe Bloggs would be p_jbloggs. On occasion it may be p_jbloggs2 if your login conflicts with another, for example if both parents names start with the same letter, one of you will end in 2. 

You will be required to set your own password by using the password reset link in the original Edulink email.

If you forget your password, or haven't received one yet, you can click on "reset login" on the Edulink login page, or by going here: EduLink One Password Reset and entering the email you provided the school when your child joined.

Any issues logging in to Edulink, or if you haven't been sent the introductory email, please email and a member of the team will get an Edulink email sent out to you.

Edulink - Parents Evening Information

Please use Edulink to book a parents evening or meet the tutor appointment.

Parents evening supported web browsers information: 

MacOS/iPhone/iPad users - Safari or Chrome Browsers will work.

Windows Desktop/Laptop users - Chrome, Firefox or Edge will all work.

Android phone/tablet users - Please use Chrome or Firefox, avoid the Samsung browser on Samsung phones, Mi browser on Xiaomi phones or Microsoft Edge for mobile as these won't work.

All android phones come with Chrome pre-installed, however Xiaomi and Samsung may prioritise their own web browser. To find chrome press the "..." button or swipe up (it varies by device) to view all apps, there may be a Google group, or it may be on its own, select the chrome app and then browse to edulink.

Please make sure you approve the use of your camera and microphone when you join.

List of supported web browsers here: Supported Web Browsers

Any issues with appointments please email 

Edulink and parents of more than one student:

You will only need one login to view all of your children at the school.

If you receive multiple logins to Edulink, each for a different child, please let us know so we can amalgamate them together. 

If you have children at other schools that use Edulink, you will be required to login individually for each school.

Information: Multi Factor Authentication aka 2FA aka MFA

All students are required to use Multi Factor Authentication when logging in from home from Year 8 onwards.

When logging in outside of school for the first time, students will be asked to enrol in MFA. This can either be by providing their mobile number, to receive an SMS message from Microsoft, or via the means of an authenticator app. 

If SMS message is chosen, their mobile number isn't used for any other purposes by any third parties. An automated Microsoft system will send a message on all successful login attempts comprising of a random 6 digit code which acts as a second factor of authentication after the students password. These codes are only valid for 15 minutes.

Alternatively if you don't wish to provide a mobile number, an app such as Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, or similar app can be used. Simply follow the on screen instructions to enrol via this method. Any phone or tablet device can install these authenticator apps. The app will generate a 6 digit code which changes every 30 seconds.

Satchel One Parent Logins

As a parent you should receive a letter home or an email from the school containing two parent/guardian codes, along with instructions describing how to create a parent account and link it to a students account. This can take a few weeks into September when the new Year 7 cohort starts. However if you're enrolling during the school year and you haven't received one yet, please make a request to and we'll get the letter emailed to you.

As a parent you will be able to see and receive notifications about homework. You cannot submit homework from the parent login, the student must do this via their login. Please check the student access page for student login instructions and solutions to frequent issues.

If you forget your Satchel One parent password, please use the password reset option here: