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Special Educational Needs at Archway

At Archway we strive to ensure accurate identification of all students with Special Educational Needs and/ or Disabilities (SEND) in timely fashion, and to manage their provision to ensure they have a full entitlement and access to a high quality education within a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum so that they can reach their full potential and enhance their life chances.

We allow, as far as possible, students with SEND to be educated alongside their peers within the curriculum, or to make adaptations of it to ensure maximum integration into an inclusive ethos.

In accordance with the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (2015), a child or young person has SEND if they have a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special educational provision to be made for him or her. This specialist provision may be the result of a student’s significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of his/ her peers or a disability which prevents or hinders him/ her from making use of facilities of a kind generally provided for others of the same age. Students may require Special Educational provision to be made for them arising from difficulties in the four broad areas of need described in the SEND Code of Practice:

• Communication and Interaction

• Cognition and Learning

• Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties

• Sensory and/ or Physical needs

Identification and assessment of students with SEND and the provisions made for them follows the SEND Code of Practice (2015) allowing a graduated approach to SEND support to exist. High quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils is the first step to identifying and supporting those students who have, or may have, SEND. Further to this, over and additional support may be implemented as necessary: in-class support; specialist withdrawal sessions; individual and/ or group intervention; exam access dispensation arrangements. To this end, the Head of Learning Support (SENDCO) is responsible for managing the school’s directed resources to coordinate support required to meet the needs of its SEND students, and is supported by a team of 15 Teaching Assistants; all of whom hold a NVQ Level 3 qualification in Child Care and Education and/ or equivalent.

Getting in touch

If you need to get in touch to discuss any issues, to find out more about how we support SEN students or to make a complaint there are a number of ways you can do this:

SEND Information Report

SEND Policy

Equalities Policy