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What extra-curricular activities are there?

Many of the skills that our students will need to be successful in adult life are also developed outside the classroom, through our enrichment programme.

This focuses on the soft skills valued by employers and universities, such as teamwork, communication, independence, problem solving, mentoring, and organisational skills. It also encourages students to make a positive contribution to the school and local communities.

Our enrichment programme includes a wide range of opportunities including supporting younger students through peer reading programmes, helping organise and run subject specific clubs, being ambassadors for the school and subject areas, participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Programme, charity fundraising activities, environmental projects, and running sports activities for primary school students.

‘It’s so fun, I love it.’ Lucy, Year 12

Archway School was extremely supportive in developing my skills, as well as enabling me to reach my full potential in the next stage of my career.’ Freddie, Year 13 leaver

Student Leadership  

Our Sixth Form Committee, led by our two head students, meet weekly to discuss fundraising, school and community campaigns and events, and social activities. We have a focus on students taking ownership of the development of the Sixth Form and driving change. Recently the committee has organised a fundraising event for Children in Need, planned a sixth form virtual quiz night, and a roof garden project to increase biodiversity in the school.  

‘What I love the most is that year 12 and 13 naturally unite whilst working together to drive positive change in our community.’ Helena, Year 13  

‘From the fancy dress day, we had last week, to belonging to the Sixth Form Committee, I'm so glad I came to Archway.’ Olive, Year 12  

‘Sixth form is engaging, furthers your education in the subjects you enjoy, and the teachers are approachable and supportive. There is also a positive social aspect as we often do things for charity. such as dress up days.’ Oli, Year 12  

Social Events  

The Student Committee organises social events throughout the year including the Winter and Spring Balls, which foster a sense of school community and develop links and friendships between Year 12 and Year 13. The Summer Ball, which takes place at Stonehouse Court, offers the chance to dress to impress and celebrate the achievements of Year 12 and 13, and mark the end of the Year 13s’ time at Archway Sixth Form. There are also trips to theme parks, London, and a residential trip abroad.