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Home Access - Files and Folders

Office 365

Satchel:One - Use the orange "Login with Office 365" button!

Office 365 Email

SAM Learning

Hegarty Maths

Library Portal

Microsoft Teams

The Brilliant Club

Wellbeing Activities


MYon Reader

MYon Reader: This is the online reader. The username and the password is the same as your school username (all uppercase).

Reading Tests

Reading Tests: Login with school username. Password will be given to you at the time of the test.

Any issues with these systems please contact Mr Salmon


Microsoft Teams Guide:

Teams - Remote Learning

Help Information:

Errors logging in from home

If logging in from home or on a personal device to Office 365/Satchel:One gives the following error: "Access has been blocked by Conditional Access policies."

If you see this error it means you're using a proxy or VPN and you'll need to disable this in order to access school resources. 

Office 365/Teams

This is how to access Teams. Teams is the platform that teachers will use for live lessons. You do not need a camera but a mic can be used to take part in the lesson when appropriate. Please have you mic off at the start of the lesson and only turn it on when instructed by the teacher. 

In Teams under calendar you will be able to see when you have a Live lesson.

Students can install office on up to 5 home devices by going to the Office 365 link above.

Login with your school email and password.

An "Install Office" button is present on the first page you come to upon logging in. You can also use Office directly within the web browser by using the Word, PowerPoint, Excel links on that page. 

Satchel:One (ShowMyHomework)

All work for remote learning will be set on Satchel one. Please also use the comments in satchel one to communicate with teachers.

If you have problems logging in to Show My Homework follow these steps:

1. Ensure you're clicking on the "Login with Microsoft Office 365" button, rather than using the login form.

2. If you have an home Microsoft/Outlook/Live/Hotmail account you may have problems logging in via office 365 due to cached/stored details of your personal account. Steps to resolve this depend on the device and web browser you're using.

  • In Google Chrome go to the top right, click on the coloured circle and choose to open a new Guest window.
  • In Edge go to the top right settings menu and open a new InPrivate window.
  • In Safari open a new tab and select Private tab.

Important notes:

The login process will fail when using Internet Explorer. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer for any school work.

To be able to send work back the student has to be logged in, not the parent.

Apple devices and HEIC photos

What is HEIC? HEIC is the file format name Apple has chosen for the new HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) Standard. 

This new file type, however, may not be compatible with all devices. Even earlier versions of OS X (pre-High Sierra) will not be able to open HEIC files by itself.

To set your Apple devices to take photos in JPEG/JPG instead of HEIC:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Camera
  3. Tap Formats
  4. Tap Most Compatible

We recommend you follow these steps prior to taking pictures for uploading to Satchel:ONE

Foldr/Home Access

Use the Home Access link above to login to Foldr with your school details. Here you can access your H drive (home folder) and T drive (Teaching resources) files. You can upload and download files, as well as edit them directly in Office 365.


Institute code: bbs3


If you haven't logged into GCSEPod before, your first login will be your school username and your password is also your username, for example 01jbl2512. We highly recommend changing this once you login for the first time.

Alternatively,  use the reset password section here: enter your school email, and you should receive a password reset link. If that doesn't work, click the "I haven't set a reset email address" button, and follow the instructions.

SAM Learning

Center ID: GL5AS

Your user ID is your date of birth in day month year format for example 251203 for 25th of the 12th 2003. Followed by the first letter of your firstname and first letter of your surname. If you forget your password you can use the "Can't login" section of the SAM learning page here:

Hegarty maths

Use link to the right

Follow instructions on student log in page.

Emailing a teacher

In order to easily find your teachers email

  1. login to Office 365, go to Outlook.
  2. Create a new message and click on "To".
  3. On the left select "All Users" and search all or part of your teachers name.

For important safeguarding contact, email: 




Still having issues, or your issue not covered above?

Email: or