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Summer School 2023

Summer school isn’t just about school. It’s about getting to meet new people, make new friends and create brilliant memories!

Summer school is an activity week where you can experience many of the fun things Archway has to offer! Swimming, craft, drama, sports, music, even tug of war, are some of the activities you will experience. You’ll get to meet some of your new teachers in a more informal setting; get to know your way around your new school site and become more familiar with the equipment that you will come to use. Most important of all -you’ll have fun!

Timings are arrival at Archway from 8.45am for 9am start and collect at 3pm from T Block. I'll also be delivering more information about summer school at the Y7 Induction Evening on Thursday 6th July, confirming activities and when swimming kit needs to be brought in. Please feel free to email if you have any further enquiries at this stage.

summer school letter 2023.pdf