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Virtual Work Experience Y10/11

Virtual work experience - why it might help your child stand out

What is virtual work experience?
Virtual work experience, also referred to as online, remote, or digital, provides young people with the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace, develop their skills, boost their employability, and explore new industries and job roles.
It’s a broad term and can include any opportunity which provides young people with an insight into what it’s like to work in an industry or job role while at home. Most virtual work experiences range from half a day to one week, but some may last longer depending on the nature of the work experience and the age of your child.
Not all virtual work experience is the same. Some are open to everyone and provide a platform for students to discover more about the job, view pre-recorded videos on what it’s like to work with the organisation, go on virtual tours and possibly take part in some live Q&A sessions. Others may require your child to go through an application process and offer regular online meetings with a supervisor, individual project work, networking sessions, training opportunities and video tutorials.

What are the benefits of a virtual work placement?
Think global!

Virtual work placements are open to everyone and location does not need to be a limiting factor. This opens many possibilities for your child to explore new jobs and industries in areas that may not have been possible under face-to-face arrangements.
It’s free

Most virtual work experience placements are free, although some employers charge for the opportunity; working from home will also mean your child will not incur any travel related costs.
Future proof

Remote working is likely to be important to many businesses in the future and learning how to conduct business and work online will develop extremely valuable skills for the modern workplace.
Transferable skills

It’s not always easy working from home and taking part in virtual work experience placements will help your child develop those soft skills that all employers are seeking, such as organisation, time-management, and self-motivation.
Knowing what’s right (or what isn’t)

Understanding what a job or a career entails might help your child make decisions about whether that role is right for them in the future.



Medic Mentor

Years 10 - 12. Work experience in medicine, vet science and dentistry. Use the code Elev8Careers for free places.

Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Age 13+


The Lawyer Portal 

Age 14-19, as well as opportunities for University undergraduates and graduates.

Kennedys Law

Age 14+. A programme which offers real work experience as you will complete tasks to gain legal analytical skills, develop legal knowledge of the insurance industry, and learn critical legal communication, research, and drafting skills. 

Health and Social Care

Caring in Hospitals

Age 13+ A free course with the Open University and helpful resource for those interested in Nursing, Healthcare and Allied Health Professions.

Springpod Virtual Work Experience

Age 14-19. An online platform with opportunities in a range of different vocational areas including Healthcare.

Open Learn - Free Learning from the Open University

Age 13+. Resources for those interested in finding out about different areas of work including Psychology, Childcare, Social Work, Teaching, Police and Forensic Science.

Early Years and Childcare Virtual Work Experience

Offered through CACHE, again might be more suitable for 14–16-year-olds with making choices.



Age 14-18

Computing, Technology and Digital

Barclays Life Skills Work experience with a digital transformation agency
Age 14-19

Cyber Discovery

Age 13-18 

National Cyber Security Centre

Age 11-19

Teach First's Work Experience Programme

For age 15+, Teach First is working with companies to provide virtual work experience to pupils nationwide, Companies will give pupils the chance to experience their industry, and gain insight into the digital workplace. Pupils will develop awareness of the world of work and different career options.



Age 13-17

Secondary School Students


Summer Internships 2021 
The Ultimate In-Person Work Experience | Ages 12-18 | London 2021


InvestIN 2021 Summer Internships

Architecture | Computer Science | Engineering | Entrepreneurship | Investment Banking | Law | Medicine | Psychology

In the present environment, in-person work experience is crucial yet almost impossible to secure. We have the solution: students can now register for our flagship Summer Internships in London. Up to 10 days of immersive experiences led by top professionals in 9 of the world's most competitive and sought-after industries.

Internships are available for ages 12-14 and for 15-18.

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences: 

  • Work alongside doctors in a London hospital 
  • Argue a case before a judge in the Supreme Court 
  • Enter the Airbus ExoMars facility
  • Trade the markets the London Stock Exchange

Due to strict social distancing measures, places are HIGHLY limited.

COVID-19: Our Summer 2020 Internships in London did go ahead, with strict social distancing measures in place. The feedback averaged an outstanding 9.2/10! We are therefore very confident that 2021 will take place as planned. In the unlikely event that an Internship is completely cancelled due to COVID-19, students will receive a refund.


STEM & Medical Sciences Work Experience
Ages 12-18 | 'Live Online' or In-Person at UCL

Supercharge your students' potential today. Hands-on, immersive career experiences now available in 8 STEM-related industries.


Register now for a unique opportunity to work alongside experienced engineers, doctors, psychologists, vets and others this term. Students can choose to attend 'Live Online' before Easter or in-person later in April. Our in-person events have strict COVID measures in place. Please note that there is a cost for these experiences.

Register now 12-14 years

Register now 15-18 years