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Work Experience

All Year 10 and Year 12 students are required to have a week’s work experience. This week is held in July.

Archway places great importance on work experience as it can add considerable weight to a student’s CV and if they are thinking of applying to university, some professional credibility will look great on their UCAS personal statement.

If a student already knows they want to pursue a particular career in journalism, for example, they should try and get work experience at a local paper or magazine. The more relevant to their future career the better.

However, if a student is not sure what they want to do then they should select a sector they think they might be interested in and use their work experience to find out whether that line of work is for them.

Parents are encouraged to be proactive in helping their child secure a fulfilling work experience placement.

 Work Experience Booklet

 Guide to finding work experience

 Work Experience Form Y10 

 Work Experience Form Y12