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Archway School

Rounders District Champions Yet Again…!   

It is great to write about a wonderful result that the current Year 10 rounders team achieved once again on Tuesday 17th June.

The Year 10 team went into this season wanting to secure the title of ‘district champions’ for the second year running, and to be undefeated in all friendly games - a hard goal to reach, but one they have achieved all together with great success.

Tuesday 17th June saw the final challenge. Archway faced seven very competitive teams, all wanting to beat us and all wanting to win the championship. Our group stage saw us face our arch rivals Stroud High School, whom we had previously beaten comfortably in a friendly 20-10.  In the first game nerves nearly took over and they wanted revenge.  Our girls were trailing right up to the last few ‘good’ balls, but with a few risky runs they managed to win 6-5. The next two games saw us beat Sir William Romney’s 11-1 and Katharine Lady Berkeley’s 6-4.  Semi-finals saw us take on a very strong Thomas Keble team who only narrowly lost to Wycliffe by half a rounder. Thomas Keble scored an impressive 8 rounders off of 27 ‘good’ balls, so the girls knew they had to step up their batting.

Janine Chin, Lydia Neale and Sammi Nolan secured some big hits and well placed shots to take them comfortably through to final winning 12 – 8. The big final saw the girls face a very strong and tactically switched on team in Wycliffe, whom we had recently beaten in a friendly 15-12. The girls started by fielding first, and kept their nerve and wit, keeping Wycliffe down to 5 and half - some big catches from Charlotte Norris and Ellie Holmes saw the threat controlled. Archway then stepped up to bat, some fantastic slow bowling saw our girls struggle to get much off of the first 15 balls, but they chipped and battled away to see the game finish on a draw.

Sudden death – in all my time at Archway I have never seen a final go to 5 ‘good balls’ we had to pick our best 5 batters and hope the girls could pull it off, nail biting! Ball 1 no score, ball 2 no score, ball 3 no score. We now needed to get two rounders off of 2 balls to win. Ellie Holmes was our 4th batter, and true to form placed the ball low and fast and got round effortlessly, last batter, all on Janine Chin’s Shoulders, and again true to form did not falter, a long clear shot secured the win and the championship! Many tears of joy were had by all. For me an absolute joy to help a team secure their goals for the season.

The year 10s have become an excellent working team across all sports over the past 4 years with much input from Mrs Bridgman, Miss Lamper and Miss Garner, many thanks to all and parents for their support.

Congratulations to the following girls: Lydia Neale (Captain), Charlotte Norris, Georgie Gossett, Ellie Homes. Sammi Nolan, Faye Gardiner, Lily O’Dowd, Janine Chin, Nico Caton, Emily Philp, Khloe Martin,  and Carys Smith.