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Archway School

English Department - Trip to see Blood Brothers

On Wednesday 19th October, 65 Year 11 students attended an evening performance of Blood Brothers at The Birmingham Hippodrome as part of their preparation for the GCSE Literature exam.


Set in Willy Russell's native Liverpool, this international smash hit musical tells the captivating tale of twin boys, separated at birth only to be reunited by a twist of fate and a mother's haunting secret.

     When Mrs Johnstone, a young mother, is deserted by her husband and left to her own devices to provide for seven hungry children she takes a job as a housekeeper in order to make ends meet.

     It is not long before her brittle world crashes around her when she discovers herself to be pregnant yet again – this time with twins! In a moment of weakness and desperation, she enters a secret pact with her employer which leads inexorably to the show's shattering climax.

     Many Year 11 students have studied Blood Brothers for their GCSE English Literature drama text, and, because the examination is closed book, which means that the students cannot take the play into the exam with them, this trip was an enormously valuable experience and helped students to absorb the plot through live performance.

     The performance itself saw many laughs, tears and screams; of particular note was Miss Hurst jumping out of her seat when the gun-fire went off, and Jack Stewart’s uncontrollable laughter at Mickey as a young boy! We were lucky enough to see Lyn Paul play Mrs Johnstone who is a West End star and shot to fame with The New Seekers in the early 1970s.

     Not only were the students engrossed in the performance, but they were superb to travel with and conducted themselves in an excellent manner all evening.

     Our next trip is to see A Christmas Carol at The Guildhall Hall in Gloucester.