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Archway Year 11 Spanish Students' Trip to Madrid

Archway Year 11 Spanish Students’Trip to Madrid      

Friday we awoke in our hostel, full of linguistical beans, to the sound of rain and headed out to find the Plaza Mayor with only the help of a Spanish quiz, directions in Spanish and our ability to talk to the locals. Jamie asked for directions from a litter operative who gave very clear instructions to the Plaza Mayor, and off Jamie went seemingly having understood him. Turns out he didn’t even look at the kind man who was frantically pointing the direction as well as saying it, and thus learned a valuable lesson in body language and how not to read it. The girls fared better as they got completely lost and managed to speak to half of Madrid to find their way. Being rewarded with a map gave Morgan power and with it great responsibility, as he then accurately guided us for the remaining two days. After walking in the rain all morning we needed a change – so we Segwayed the afternoon away seeing some more sights with a guide. In the evening the students watched Spanish TV.

     The rain on Saturday was intense and it was then we realised that Madrileños are not good with umbrellas, jostling along the Gran Via and injuring many as they pass. The morning we shopped and visited Mercado San Miguel for some paella and tapas then after a siesta (when in Spain), we visited the Reina Sofia Art Museum to see Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ and other works by fabulous Spanish artists. We dined opposite and the students all ordered their meals and drinks in Spanish. Sunday we visited ‘El Rastro’ – the biggest flea market in Spain and a few presents were bought and attempts at haggling were made.

     All in all, we are very proud of the students and the efforts they made in their communication over the three days – ¡Bien hecho los alumnos!