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Archway School

A Marketing Masterclass for Year 12 Business BTEC Students   

The Year 12 Business BTEC students were able to benefit from a marketing masterclass that was co-ordinated by Tanya Lewis, an independent marketing consultant.  

We would like to thank Tanya for sharing her professional knowledge as it provided a perfect platform to launch the new unit in marketing.  

     After discussing the importance of creating a brand with a personality that appeals to the identified target market, the students were given a task that focused on Archway Sixth Form and its brand values.  They were asked to create a statement that encapsulated the essence of Archway Sixth Form; it was enlightening to read their suggestions, which included:-

 ​“Archway Sixth Form is a sociable, knowledgeable, challenging place of informal education”

 “Education at its most understanding”

 “Providing a supportive working environment where you feel part of the community”

 “Building foundations to support your achievement”

 “High standard of education and experiences to create a well-rounded individual with a brighter future”

“Quality education in a supportive environment​”

     It was a really thought provoking session that will be of great benefit to the students when they take their marketing exam this summer.