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Archway School

Hay on Wye Literary Festival

As a thank you from Dr Hampshire, the Librarian, we, the library helpers, were invited to the Hay on Wye Literary Festival that takes place only once a year.

On the 26th May we took the coach to Hay and the trip was expected to last two hours and so it did. We were finally there in Hay with lots of other schools from around the UK. Although most of the schools there had English as their first language one of them had Welsh so we were taught to say Welcome in Welsh which is: croeso.

     After that we had a photo opportunity where all 14 students posed next to the HAY 30 sculpture.  We spent our morning going to different talks in tents where authors spoke about their latest publications.

    The talk that most impressed me was Kim Slater’s.  She has written 3 books and was presenting her last one which is called “928 Miles Away From Home” which made a great impression on me as it was about a foreigner who came to England. Also her talk was more interactive and funny so there are plenty of reasons to consider it my favourite.

     Going to Hay on Wye was a fantastic opportunity and I am more than pleased that I could attend such an amazing literary festival.

By Gaby Zarif, Year 10 Student