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Archway School

Modern Foreign Languages Dept News

What a busy 2 terms we have had in the MFL department.

The year 8 and 9 pupils welcomed their French exchange students to England at the beginning of May where they experienced everything “English”.  From the Spires of Oxford, the Quays of Gloucester and the Banksys of Bristol to cups of tea and “bangers on the bonfire”. 

     A month later and we have just returned from a scorching time in the south of France. Thankfully, most of the French students had swimming pools and our pupils were able to cool off after a hot day exploring traditional French towns, châteaux, cafés, markets and chocolate factories.  A big “merci” for 3 of our students who joined their partners in an inter school competition (canoeing, paddle boarding, cycling, running , Molky, archery and a water obstacle course).  Our partner school came 1st in the county overall!!  We think everyone who took part in the exchange are “winners” and are looking forward to next year!!  Bonnes Vacances!


Wimereux Wow!

On Friday 23rd June, 83 year 7 students (and 2 brave Year9s) were taken by the MFL department to Wimereux (near to Boulogne).

     Our tired and intrepid learners threw themselves into France to practise their language with the locals. A successful visit to the market ensured lunch was bought and the students made full use of their sondage to interview people – many of whom were tourists and informed them that they enjoy visiting Wimereux because of the (that day – windy!) sea air. After a tour of the town a coca was earned – every single student ordered in French from a very patient waitress. All the non-specialist staff on the trip also dazzled locals with their French skills. A quick visit to the hypermarket ensured that our Year 7 have eaten their sugar quota for the year, in one single day. We were waved quite happily away from France and returned as very accomplished linguists. Bravo Year 7!