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Archway School

Year 9 Ambitions Day

On Wednesday 8th November Year 9 students attended Stroud Ambitions, one of the county’s largest careers events, held annually at Stratford Park Leisure. 

Experts were on hand to talk to the students about a wide range of employment sectors including working in construction (where there is a huge shortage of skilled staff), sport and leisure, care work, catering, hairdressing, the emergency services, medicine, the law, media and many others. Manufacturing and engineering were also represented by several local employers including Renishaw. 

     For many young people, knowing what they want to do in the future is really difficult as there are so many choices. Not only is there a huge choice in terms which employment sectors are open to young people to join but they also find it a challenge to understand about the different paths open to them – do they join as an apprentice, or stay in education. Is going to university the right choice a set career path?

     At Ambitions students were able to choose five workshops to attend where they could explore different job sectors and compare them with each other. The students may still be undecided at the end of the event, but they will have left Ambitions better informed. The more information they can gather on different career paths the better decisions they will make regarding their career choice. 

     The event was interactive and great fun - the highlight being the rocket launcher supplied by the Army or perhaps the amazing brownies donated by the M5 Farm Services. For others the best bit was a chance to direct a film or try to get the record for generating the most electricity from a bicycle. I would like to thank Year 9s for joining in the event with such enthusiasm.