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Archway School

Archway students descended on Birmingham’s Theatre Land to see Othello by Frantic Assembly!

The German Market was up and running, Christmas lights were on and the mood was high as GCSE Drama, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts students arrived Birmingham to see an exciting, dynamic and moving performance of Othello.  Having seen Othello a number of times, I have never felt so moved and devastated all at the same time as I felt after this performance.

     Frantic Assembly’s style of Physical Theatre dragged Othello from “page to stage’’ and we were taken on a journey of lies, intrigue, deception and betrayal. We witnessed Othello’s inner torment as well as Desdemona’s love and devotion for him. There was even a moving wall which served to reduce the size of the space as well as mirror the inner feelings of characters such as Cassio, Iago and Othello.

     The generous helpings of aggression, a tender dance of devotion, hatred, jealousy and some well-choreographed fight scenes, all served to make Shakespeare’s classic Othello even more relevant and now all our students need to do… is write about it!

Mrs J Lee-Allan & Ms L Bolton