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Archway School

Year 10 Science Trip to University of Bristol

As part of Careers Week a group of Year 10 students visited the University of Bristol for a science afternoon.

Half the group took part in a biology experiment to see if they could apply Pavlovian (classical) conditioning to teach earthworms to have a negative response to a smell they would normally be attracted to. The students learnt about how to condition the earthworm to associate the smell of roses with a smell they dislike, and at them same time students got to discover what it would be like to take a science course at a Russell Group University. 

     As a careers practitioner I could not have been more pleased by the feedback from Year 10 students. "It was interesting to do different experiments that you can't do at school"; "I found it very interesting and useful as well as fun because I liked the experiments and learnt lots about uni”;   “highly recommended."

     Part of the careers programme at Archway School is to ensure students understand the benefits of attending a Russell Group University and therefore it was really great to get feedback like, "I never really considered Bristol Uni until I went here and now I would like to apply. Very informative and fun. I would recommend it." I am pleased to confirm that the University of Bristol have agreed on us visiting again next year.