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Archway School


Last year saw HUGE success in softball.   Mark Saunders (ex-GB player and GB coach) and I received funding and set up the Archway Softball Academy.

In response to an outstanding start the softball team have been named British Youth Softball Team of the Year—a title voted for by the governing body of softball across all youth teams in Britain. The governing body cited reasons for the award as “exemplary commitment to opportunities at all levels from lesson opportunities, extra-curricular provision, inter-tutor, competition, inter-school district competition, county competition and also the opportunity to play at South West-England level in the adults’ league.”   

The award was also given for the success at each level, Archway School currently holds every district and county title at U15 and U18 level. At adult level the School Softball Academy have had unprecedented success winning Division 3 with a 100% win rate. The Gloucestershire County team finished second in the South West County Tournament.  It was made up entirely of Archway students!  Archway finished in the top two in all competitions, including teams made up of GB players.

     We hope to continue the success in the 2018 season, kicking off on Sunday 15th April, when we have been invited to the GB open at Farnham Park in Berkshire. League fixtures start the second week back after Easter where we are very proud to announce a second team is being added to the adults’ league in Bristol allowing twice the number of opportunities for students to play and hopefully replicate some of the success we achieved in 2018.

Mr L Chapman