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Archway School

Student Experience Day at Superdry

On Friday 27th April I went to Superdry’s headquarters in Cheltenham.

Throughout the day we visited various departments: learnt how each operated and their key purpose from fashion design to IT services. I learnt about the values, history, brand protection, design and data handling, which was intriguing. We were split into groups and tasked with dressing a mannequin in the latest Superdry products; I am pleased to say that my group won the contest!

     We also visited the photo-shoot area in which the models scouted by Superdry showcase their latest designs. I particularly enjoyed this as it gave me an insight into the importance of brand modelling and an understanding of some of the processes involved. We also had our own photo taken on the modelling set - which was fun! I helped to retouch the photo shown with this article and learnt how to make photos look crisp and ready for the website.

     I would like to thank Superdry for providing this experience because it helped me to realise how many different career opportunities there are within a large multinational business. I also had an opportunity to see how departments within a business operate and was able to appreciate the importance of business aims and values.  Thanks also for the goodie bag!

- Jack, Year 13 student