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Archway School

Sponsored Walk for Sport Relief

On Thursday 29th March, 73 members of Archway’s esteemed Sixth Form took part in a sponsored walk for Sport Relief.

Our aim was to walk 5 miles in 100 minutes and whilst this seems easy enough on the flat, we pushed our students to their limits by designing a trail which led from school, up through the fields of Randwick and reaching its grandest scale at the half way point somewhere in Standish Wood.

     The journey was not one of gallivanting through green fields sniffing daisies along the way, or even that of sneaking a cheeky selfie with a random alpaca. Oh no. The heavens opened as we began our walk and the rain lashed down on each and every one of us, ensuring Fraser could, at every opportunity, enlist his commando training to help the less able mountaineer cross boggy ground and not slide into a pit of soggy despair. Other students boosted morale by singing and playing pranks on each other – it certainly helped Mrs Pomeroy along as she was bringing up the rear - whilst I bounded ahead at the front of the pack.

     We made it back to school within the 100 minute time frame and raised over £750 – combined with the fantastic activities organised for Year 7 by our Sixth formers – Archway Sixth Form helped to raise over £1200 for Sport Relief. Well done Sixth Form, we are proud of you!

- Mr J Young