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Archway School

Ceramics in the Art Department

This year we have been running a ceramics club after school on a Wednesday in the Art department. 

Students in year 9 have had the opportunity to work with clay and produced personal 3D outcomes. They have been introduced to clay techniques making a range of outcomes from pinch pots to slabs. This club has given them an opportunity to be creative, alongside it being a very therapeutic session on a Wednesday afternoon! The club runs from 3:20-4:20 on Wednesdays and no experience of clay is needed.  There is currently a lovely group of ceramicists who attend and are growing in confidence every week. This is especially beneficial for students taking art as a GCSE as it extends their skills to 3D work alongside the 2D work produced in art lessons.

     Come and see Miss Hawkins if you’re interested in joining us!