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Archway School

Cheltenham Science Festival

I went to the Cheltenham Science Festival on 6/6/2018. 

The bus left at 9:00 o’clock and it took 40 minutes to get there. 30 students from Archway School went and I was with Felix, Finn and Duncan. There were lots of big tents and lots of different schools.

     My group started with the study of colours: take the blue pen, make mark in the white paper and put the paper in the water and we had to watch what happens: in two minutes the point got bigger and bigger.

     Next activity was looking at human bones.   We had to decide if the bones were female or male. The skull of the female was smaller than the male.

     Next activity was: Insects …..we looked at them under  the microscope and we saw the eyes of flies.

     At break time we sat outside next to the flowers in the hot day.

     Next, we went to the big room for the magic show. There was one man, a big table, a big bowl and a small bowl. He put water into the small bowl and put the small bowl into the big bowl. The water moved into the big bowl but we didn’t see it so it was magic.

     After that, lots of different groups made cars and my group won: we made a car in 17 seconds using wood.

     We played lots of science games: solid, liquid, gas game; light game and electricity game.

     My favourite thing of the day was the computer science.

     We had a wonderful day and I was really happy.

By Feras, Year 8 student