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Archway School

Year 8 Dairy Crest Competition  - “Design A New Frijj Flavour?” 

As part of this year’s “Festomane” – Festival of Manufacturing & Engineering – Dairy Crest ran a “Frijj” competition, open to all Year 8 students in local Secondary Schools.

Archway School rose to the challenge through Mrs Bloodworth’s Food Technology lessons. It began with a very interesting visit from Becky Amor and Andy Crabtree from Dairy Crest, who introduced the competition, and gave an insight in to the huge Dairy Crest operation. Students were fascinated by many aspects of their talk, but particularly the thought of 120 tankers of milk a day, arriving at the Stonehouse factory! Not surprisingly, the many free samples, such as Sticky Toffee Pudding, Cookie Dough, and Banoffee Pie, went down a treat, and got all student’s enthused!

Over the following weeks Year 8 researched products currently on the market, asked the public questions about their favourite milkshakes, and experimented with possible flavours and combinations. Once decided on their flavours, they considered packaging, slogans, cost and ethical issues such as whether to use Fair Trade/Seasonal/Organic ingredients. All teams worked very hard, and came up with some very creative ideas, which impressed Becky and Andy when they came back to judge, at the beginning of November. After much deliberation, the results were announced –

Overall winners: Noah Howell & Harvey Robinson!

Runners Up:  Stella, Ellen & Keeley
Most original bottle: Ruby, Sorcha & Maisiemai
Most original packaging: Megan, Lucy & Charlotte
Most interesting flavour: Lauren & Lauren
Most passionate delivery: “Freeze”

As a result of their win, Noah and Harvey, were invited to visit Hurst Farm, which produces milk for Dairy Crest, and, they were asked to represent Archway School at “Festomane” on November 24th. This would now be a “Dragon’s Den” style competition against Thomas Keble, Maidenhill, Stroud High and Marling School, with the special guest and VIP being HRH Prince Charles!

Noah and Harvey worked very hard over the following two weeks, to improve the quality and delivery of their  presentation, and spoke confidently and convincingly about their “new “ product—Night and Day. This combined two flavours, Millionaires’ Shortbread and Lemon Drizzle, in a duo pack. Hugely original, and very well received by the “Dragons”! Unfortunately they did not win overall, but their flavours were considered to be the best, and they thoroughly enjoyed the whole project, culminating in meeting the FUTURE KING OF ENGLAND!

A very well done to Noah and Harvey – an amazing achievement!