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Archway School

A Monster Time at the Cheltenham Literature Festival!

On Wednesday 10th October, a huddle of very excited students bundled onto a coach to go and support Archway School in the Monster of all Monsters debate.

Following a very successful internal campaign, Archway students had earned the opportunity to attend the festival and debate why our overall winning book deserved the title of Monster of all Monsters!

     Year 9 Archway student, Katie, was our elected speaker. She had the challenging task of arguing that A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, was worthy of taking the prize. Katie, along with five other finalists from Gloucestershire schools, participated in a debate led by renowned children’s author Emma Carrol. Katie performed excellently, speaking with both passion and pride, even in front of the 100+ spectators!

     Tension heightened as the audience made their votes on who should be selected to proceed into the final – only two books would be chosen. Hands flew up into the air as the audience made their choice – Archway had made it through to the final!

     Despite her valiant efforts and the strong support from the crowd, we were not crowned the overall winners…however we were only one vote away!  All of the staff and students were incredibly proud of our efforts – we received a certificate which is now on display in the Library and reception.

     We also thoroughly enjoyed watching Alex Wheatle – an author with an incredibly interesting background. Lots of students (and staff!!) lined up to have their new copies signed.

     Overall, it was an absolutely fabulous day with lots of laughter, sunshine and fun – here’s to the next year!