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Archway School

Sixth Form News

Yoga for Sixth Form Students 

Have you heard of Robin is a yoga instructor who specialises in teenage yoga and runs several classes in Stroud.

     The Sixth Form welcomed Robin in one Thursday morning, as the second set of mocks loomed over them, for an hour of her ‘bliss’. Robin worked with a group of 30 students on relaxation techniques and movements to combat exam-induced stress and indeed helped our students to deal with stress or anxiety in general with breathing and focus on flow movements.

     Students felt refreshed, relaxed and ready for the next ‘mock’ step of their journey with us.

Project Trust

     Earlier this month the Sixth Form were visited by Project Trust who encourage our learners to step outside their comfort zone and think about taking a gap year with meaning.

     Working for a charitable cause is not only encouraged by us at Archway but is looked upon favourably by universities and organisations who offer apprenticeships. Students have a world of opportunities at their feet if they know where to look and there are plenty of organisations too, seeking volunteers around the globe to make a difference to many, many lives.

     We hope many of our students will take the chance of volunteering or studying abroad in the future.


What if…?

     The ‘What if…?’ Roadshow is an initiative created by Gloucestershire Fire, Safety and Rescue service.

     For the last three years we have taken our Year 12 students to the presentation at the Royal Agricultural University. The ‘show’ is insightful, educational and emotional and reveals to our young learner drivers the devastation that can be caused by one, even innocent, wrong decision on the road.  Real life stories are told by firefighters, rescue services, doctors and the police about situations they have encountered.

     Our students (and myself!) got caught up in a particularly harrowing story which threads the show together, which although heart breaking at times, demonstrates acutely how careful one has to be driving given the inexperience we have at 17/18 years old.

     I know that our young people took on board the profound message so skilfully created by the ‘What if…?’ Roadshow and hope that it has the impact on their driving that I know it has had on mine.