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Archway School

Year 7 Trip to Redwood Outdoor Centre, Halmore

Miss Thulbourne and I took 19 Year 7 students out to the Redwood Outdoor Centre for a day’s activities in the woods. 

     It was a beautiful setting with the sound of birdsong filling the air.  First, the students had a chance to take in their surroundings and then they were off exploring the woods under the care of Umbareen Daniels, the outdoor education teacher at Redwood, accompanied by her lovely puppy, a black labrador called Monty.  After being shown around the woods, the students were given a map, some letters to find and were let out on their own in small groups to do some orienteering.  They came back after trying their best map reading skills and had to unscramble the letters to make a word to do with the countryside. 

     After lunch and an impromptu game of wink murder, they were then given a lump of clay and told to model a tree using all the natural materials around them in the woods to decorate it, all the while listening to the rain falling onto the trees. 

     The students really enjoyed themselves being out in the fresh air in beautiful countryside.

- Mrs C Jowett