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Archway School

Archway is Multilingual!

For the last 5 or 6 years we have had students taking first language GCSEs.

There are usually two or three of these students per year, but this year we have had a record number of 9 students!

     Two Y11s: Martyna and Jola have done Polish; seven Y10s have done their first language GCSE a year early: Maeli has done Chinese; Muhanad has done Arabic; Juliana has done Portuguese whilst Michal, Roksana, Liliana and Michal have done Polish.

     Written exams take place at school and oral exams may take place at other schools, for example at Wycliffe where there are Chinese speakers and at St Peter’s where there is a Polish speaker. This year we have invited Arabic and Portuguese speakers into Archway to conduct the oral exams.

     It is wonderful for our students to have another GCSE for their CVs and it is important for them, on a personal level, to keep their language and culture alive.

     Let’s hope exam boards continue to offer this opportunity!

     Thanks go to Mrs Kerry Davies-Brenchley and Mrs Lesley Ryall for their support.