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Archway School

Visit to Wimbledon

Everyone arrived at school early in the morning with a massive sense of excitement for the day ahead.

     We were spoilt with the draw, getting to see both Britain’s Johanna Konta and French open champion Rafa Nadal among others.

     Konta made a confident start to her title campaign as she beat Ana Bogdan. Nadal was on court next - it didn’t take long for his class to come through running away with the first set despite a shaky start. Nadal didn’t look back after the first set and went on to claim the next two sets in similar fashion.

     We ended the day on Murray’s mount, comparing stories of who we had seen during the day, the favourite moments we had seen on court, favourite purchases from the Wimbledon shop and how soon we can come back again! An excellent day was had by all!