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Archway School

Sealyham Activity Centre Outdoor Pursuits Trip - Easter 2019

When the majority of Archway staff and students were looking forward to a rest and maybe some Easter eggs over the Easter holidays, 41 hardy students and 5 staff set out on an adventure to the West of Wales, to Sealyham Activity Centre.

Here they were based in a Georgian Mansion in the heart of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. During the week-long stay the group experienced activities ranging from surfing, kayaking and archery, to climbing, abseiling and coasteering on the spectacular sea cliffs for which the area is renowned. Not forgetting the infamous ‘trim-trail’ - a riverside running trail interspersed with fallen trees to squeeze underneath, ropes to climb and muddy quagmires to cross. Guaranteed to completely cover you head to foot in mud (even in the ears)!

     Two intrepid year 7 students, Rhianna and Lily, joined students from years 8 to 11 on the trip. For the week the whole group was in the care of the highly experienced, professional and caring Sealyham staff who instructed us through a timetable of three activities per day. I also added a bonus extra daily activity - the morning run! (Despite the arduous schedule of activities everyone still managed to partake in this, although some with less enthusiasm at 7.30am than others!)

     Over the course of the week everyone, staff and students alike, tried new things, developed skills and pushed themselves out of their comfort zones.

     Alice swam, scrambled and cliff-jumped around a challenging coasteering route, despite fears of the sea.  Sarah overcame fears of heights to abseil down a cliff.  Miss Monk also discovered a new love of abseiling.  Josie demonstrated a natural surfing ability and complete lack of fear.  Lucy even managed to squeeze in some GCSE exam revision in the evenings.

     There are too many achievements to list. Each and every student who took part in this trip should be very proud of what they accomplished, whether it was hitting the archery bullseye, building a sturdy raft, tying a safe figure of eight climbing knot or simply managing to make their own sandwiches for lunch!

“If you can survive Sealyham, then you can survive anything!”

Sealyham 2020 anyone?