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Archway School

Visit from Kerry Hudson

Archway School library was delighted to host author and journalist Kerry Hudson on Thursday 7th November as part of the Stroud Book Festival from 6-10 November.

Kerry, whose memoir Lowborn was a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week, was in town for an event at Stroud Library with former Stroud resident Zeba Talkhani, talking about how they forged their own identities while refusing to let their negative experiences define them.

     Kerry, who is passionate about everyone having access to the arts no matter your background, held two creative writing workshops at Archway for Year 9s and Year 10s. She discussed how stories are with us all the time, imbued in everything we do, and interacted with the students through a writing exercise based on the songs of spoken word performer Kate Tempest.

     The students enjoyed meeting a successful, award-winning author, and learning about how to improve their own creative writing skills.



We went to the library to have a workshop with the author Kerry Hudson, who writes non-fiction.

     She introduced us to a structure that helped us to learn to write a simple story. Kerry Hudson explained that stories are everywhere – in books, songs, the news, social media and more. To help us understand this, she played us a song about a man and a woman who were attracted to each other but unable to tell the other. After this, we attempted to transform the story into written form. This was made easier by Kerry Hudson assisting us with the structure and a guide of how to word it. Afterwards, we read our parts of what we had written. Finally, she gave us pointers of how we could improve with the help of our peers. This was an enjoyable workshop!

 - By Dylan (Year 9 Student)