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Archway School

A Streetcar Named Desire - Theatre Trip Review

Recently I attended a performance of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ by Tennessee Williams at the Crescent theatre in Birmingham. The 1947 play traces an exploration of a broken family in New Orleans.  

I personally found that this amateur rendition of the play was very well executed, and I loved how personal it felt to watch as the audience was quite small compared to other theatre performances I have previously seen with the English department. I thought that the set design and costume were amazing and well befitting the time period; this was successful in creating an exciting atmosphere for the audience. The costume design was one of my personal favourite parts of the play as I loved how the cast used elements of their costumes in order to create a more dramatic character. The way in which the cast used the front of stage as a transition through different scenes also made me feel as if I was really in each scene — part of the story being told. This was one of the most unique parts of this performance as the cast created a strong relationship with the audience by breaking the 4th wall consistently throughout. My favourite character from this performance was Blanche Dubois played by Annie Swift.   I loved how she really embodied the mannerisms and jolting descent into madness of her character, in a very thought provoking and expressive way.

     Overall, I really enjoyed myself and would recommend this performance as a must see! 

- by Talia (Year 13)