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Archway School

Trip to Poland

On 23rd February 30 Year 9 students left Bristol airport at 6.30 am to fly to Poland.

Visits during our four day trip included Oskar Schindler's enamelware factory, Kazimierz - the Jewish quarter of Krakow,  as well as the market square next to the ghetto from where deportations to Auschwitz left.

     Schindler's List was filmed in some parts of Krakow. We crouched under the stairs where Mrs Dresler and her daughter hid to avoid deportation.

     A trip to Auschwitz / Birkenau left us all sombre and full of thoughts. We are grateful that we could choose to leave and were not forced to be imprisoned.

     Wieliczka salt mine was a great surprise as we descended 330 metres into the ground. What a discovery to know that table salt was mined here as long ago as Neolithic times. We marvelled at the chandeliers carved from salt crystals.

     Our final afternoon found us in Rynek Square in the beautiful city of Krakow before an equally early flight home on Wednesday, most of us were asleep on the 'plane before it took off!