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Archway School

A new Addition to the Nature Garden

The year 9 and 10 Work Skills students have continued to maintain and develop the Wildlife Garden this term.  

Spring bulbs planted in late Autumn are flowering and adding some much-needed colour to the bedding areas.  The garden material composted last year is helping to enrich the soil and we are hoping that it will encourage wildflower seeds to grow.

Perhaps the most exciting project this term is the introduction of a Wildlife Pond, an initiative co-ordinated by the year 10 Work Skills group.  They carried out research to source and cost the materials needed to create a pond and managed to raise some money for the project by selling Christmas stockings during term 2 at school.

The students would like to thank the Estate Team who provided the tools to enable them to dig out the pond and contributed some additional funds to purchase oxygenating and flowering pond plants.  We look forward to watching the pond mature and hope to see the tadpoles that are already swimming in the pond turn into frogs!