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Archway School

Duke of Edinburgh Award Achievement

Every year our Duke of Edinburgh participants rise to the challenge of arranging and completing a Skill, Physical and Volunteering activity over a period of three or six months, but none were expecting the added obstacles that 2020 has brought to the award.

The Duke of Edinburgh was quick to respond to the lockdown and introduced special measures to ensure that students could still complete as much of the award as possible – despite expeditions needing to be put on hold.

     With these changes, the following Year 10 students have managed to complete these sections and have therefore been awarded with a special certificate to recognise their determination, resilience and initiative during these challenging times:

Sarah G, Sarah M, Annise and Poppy.

     Huge congratulations to these students! There are others very close to signing off these three sections, who will hopefully then be able to receive their certificate before Christmas.

     All Year 10 Bronze participants have received a letter with information about the current situation. If possible, the expeditions will take place later this academic year but participants should be completing their Skill, Physical and Volunteering if they wish to be invited on the expedition.

     For the Year 12 and Year 13 Silver participants, an update will be with you soon.