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Archway School

Biodiversity Drive

     You may have already noticed changes around the school site to promote the preservation of the environment and reduce pollution.

     Most visible is the introduction of electrical car charging ports and plastic recycling bins. Many students and staff have taken an interest in increasing the biodiversity of our school grounds. Just before half term, we had the pleasure of welcoming ecology and conservation experts Paul and Tony from Meadfleet to advise us on how to maintain and improve biodiversity in selected areas of the school grounds. Miss Austin, Mrs Fowler, Mr Smart and students Dan, Olive, Ellie, Sarah, Christina, Tom, Archie and Xuke walked the school site with our visitors listening to suggestions made by Paul and Tony. It was a fantastic way to spend a sunny afternoon and a great opportunity to learn more about the different organisms that live on and visit the school site.

     Lots of the projects can easily be maintained within school by our students, but to keep costs down we would be very grateful for donations of unwanted gardening tools, wildflower seeds, meadow seeds, shrubs, logs/untreated wood, roofing felt, bird feeders and bird food.

     We were fortunate enough to receive a gift of 2 bee hotels from Meadfleet after learning that the majority of bees in the UK are solitary and do not necessarily have places to nest. We have plans to develop a bee garden, wildflower meadow and improve the redgra area with log piles and reptile habitats. We are very grateful to Paul and Tony for their time, expertise, and continued support of our projects. Watch this space!