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The theme of Archway Book Week, 26th- 30th January  was Believe in You.


This was a week to realise that Archway School nurtures whatever talents we have and encourages us follow our dreams. There were supporting book displays and leaflets about jobs to aspire to. There also were story books and biographies to inspire.

     It was also a week for us to celebrate all those who went to Archway School and what they became. There were displays up reminding us that Jack Russell, famous cricketer and artist went to our school, as did Tom Smith, lead singer with The Editors.  Some ex-Archway students are now hairdressers, plumbers, actors, blacksmiths and deep sea divers. Some have even come back to work at Archway as teachers, IT technicians and administrative staff. There  were supporting book displays and leaflets about jobs to aspire to.

     Two ex-Archway students - Hannah Shaw, an illustrator and author and Tom Elliott, magician, came in to entertain us. 

     “The best bit was when the magician poured water in Callum’s shoe and even put a knife through his jacket.”

     “When he pulled all the stools out that the Sixth formers were sitting on and they didn’t fall down I couldn’t believe it!” “It was awesome.”

     There were the usual selection of word competitions, poetry writing, illustration, and treasure hunt with over 40 prizes. Nathan Lewis 7S and Chris Dickinson 8E chose an Alan Gibbons’ book dedicated to them by the author. 

Emelia Hughes 7W won a 4Gb USB memory stick for her bookmark of Wuthering Heights.

         Since then we have had World Book Day, with every student receiving a £1 book token. These can be exchanged at local book sellers for a free book, or £1 off any book costing at least £2.99. These are only valid until 31st March.

Don’t forget that the library is open for revision and borrowing books the first week of the

Easter holidays!