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Archway School

A Sporting Debate

Archway's tradition of debating took a new twist this term when Sport met Speech at a debate organised as part of the  Sainsbury's School Games. 

Like the Olympics, the School Games are trying to establish a cultural dimension to their activities and debating is it!

     Our three debaters were able to flex their linguistic muscles and leap the hurdles of incisive questions at  the debate held at Marling School asking 'Which of the School Games Values is the most important?' Archway's team spoke passionately and knowledgeably, arguing that Respect is the most important value: Cassie Shelbourn argued that without respect in sporting competitions we are all losers and Jacob Russell supported this further with the example of Suarez who seems to mistake some opponents for tasty snacks! The recent racist incident in Paris involving Chelsea fans was also held up as proof that respect is essential both on and off the pitch. River Driversharp summed up our team's defence of respect with a concluding speech that was powerful and brilliantly delivered. 

     Our next 'fixture' is at Cheltenham College later this month when we shall be aiming for victory as we debate just who is the greatest sportsperson of all time. Time to get training...