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Archway School

Archway’s Budding Story Writers   

Recently, two of our Y9 students completed stories which have been published on You can read these stories either on this website but you will also find them displayed in the English corridor. However, in the meanwhile, hear about these two stories from the authors themselves.

The Vengeance Seeker by Bethany Wood Y9

    “Writing this story has opened my mind to new opportunities and developed new skills. Studying Gothic literature and Dracula this year at school has had an impact on my written work. But a lot of my inspiration has come from everything around me, including the horror film ‘The Woman in Black’.

     Also, Shakespeare's imagery has given me a better understanding into Gothic literature, making my story about more than just the death of Ren’s mother. 

     This leads me onto what my story is really about, so I’ll let my words do the talking. However, The Vengeance Seeker is about a young girl who’s trying to move forward. Ren has had nothing but heartbreak in her life, along with the desire to find out the truth of her mother’s murder. So when she hears something in the attic she just has to know what’s up there.  Nobody would have suspected what she did find. Maybe that’s the excitement underneath it all.

     So, if you really want to find out, go ahead, but once you’ve opened the door there’s no going back!”


Portal of Terror by Sofia Saville Y9

     “Join Theo on his terrifying and breath-taking journey of finding the truth of what the world can bring.

     I have been studying Gothic Literature at school and in this time I have read Dracula and many other short stories. Therefore over this period of time my knowledge on the style and structure of Gothic Literature has increased. I have been developing my ideas for a short but fortifying story. I got my inspiration from remembering when I moved house at a young age and wanting to explore everything. But there would be sometimes when I would come across something strange and unusual. The image of my curiosity is portrayed in the innocence of Theo.

     We all know what it is like to want to explore every nook and cranny of a new house, from every spider web covered attic to the spin chilling basement. But sometimes we will get lost... and, finding himself moving through time and whizzing around without control, Theo found himself in an unfamiliar place - a place no one would usually dare to go. Far from home, Theo must be brave when facing the most shocking thing; all because of stepping in the wrong place- triggering the portal of terror!

     Have you ever dared to tread somewhere that could possibly decide your fate for evermore?”