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Archway School

Wimereaux - Wow!

On Friday 26th June, 88 intrepid Year 7 explorers departed Archway at 1am for the day trip of a lifetime to Wimereux, Northern France. 

The early morning windy ferry crossing prepared our students with time to practise their vocabulary and find out more about the ferry itself using a handy booklet. 

     Students descended upon the market armed with a shopping list to bring back to their teacher leader and succeeded in their purchases of strawberries, earrings, artichokes and a variety of hats! Students went on to complete a survey of the local population all in French and discovered the town via their booklets too. Everyone who met our students complimented them on their French skills, and the students were impressed with themselves and the friendliness of people towards them.

     Despite the threat of strike action we were able to spend the whole day together experiencing the culture and speaking as much French as possible. Well done Archway students and thank you very much to Mme Davies-Brenchley, Mme McInnes, Mme Morley, Mme Davies, Mlle Monk, M Redman, M Page and M Johnson for helping us all to have a thoroughly educationally valuable and enjoyable (long!) day out.