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Archway School

The Future is Looking Bright

A Yr12 BTEC Business trip to  ‘Your Green Future’ Careers event at The University of Gloucestershire - by Oliver Catchpole, Year 12 Student 

The event started with a presentation from a number of ‘green’ thinking local business representatives, which included Martin Howard (former Liberal Democrat MP for Cheltenham). The presentation outlined the bigger picture and helped to outline the importance of sustainability and the need for more responsible ‘green thinking‘ businesses.

     Following the presentation the participants were split into groups and chaperoned to a variety of business workshops.  I found the green enterprise workshop the most entertaining as it involved a number of groups from other schools competing against each other.  Each group had 30 minutes to choose and develop a new ‘green’ product or service. This was followed by presentations and votes for the most enterprising ‘green’ idea.

     My group came up with the idea of a premium organic fizzy wine, which we named ‘Five Valley Fizz’.  We suggested that the product should be made with grapes grown on local vines; bottled in ‘Bristol Blue’ glass with all organic waste anaerobically digested to create energy to power the fermentation process.  Unfortunately, it was not the winning idea  - we were beaten by another Archway group who developed a new super food that could help to feed the nation.

     The day ended with time to talk to green businesses within the Gloucestershire area to find out about future green jobs and potential job opportunities. The event provided an informative and enjoyable day out.