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Archway School

Young "Mums" at Archway

During November and December sixth form students studying Health & Social Care had the opportunity to look after our Virtual babies.  

The purpose of this was to highlight how many aspects of their life would be affected if they became a parent at such a young age.   All of the students found the experience valuable and in their reports they also realised that all aspects of their life would never be the same, tiredness would be the norm, money would be tight and a social life would be in the past. 

     “Looking after the babies gave us a real insight to what being a mother is like; some of it was a lot more difficult than we expected. Although it was challenging it was a good experience for us. You have to respond properly to them and meet their needs, not only feeding, burping and changing their nappies but changing their clothes as well to make sure they are not too hot or too cold. It was a great experience for us.”– Charlie T        

     “I think that the babies  seemed difficult at the time but were very educational and helped us to understand the benefits and the troubles of looking after a real baby. The new babies are more developed and are more realistic. You actually get to feed them, burp them, change their diapers and warm them up or calm them down. This made it more beneficial for us.”– Hattie