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Archway School

Ever Wondered Why?

On Monday 23rd November, the whole of Year 9 were captivated by a presentation from the Institute of Physics looking at aspects of science that they had been studying in their Science lessons. 

Alessio Bernardelli delivered a different look at the universe and some of the amazing qualities of the world in which we live.

     Students were given the opportunity to consider the size of our solar system, where they modelled the magnitude of the planets in comparison to the Sun. They then went to the other extreme and discussed the number of particles in a mouthful of water. They were left mulling over the fact that if they wanted to count the number of atoms in a mouthful of water, then they would have had started counting before time began. Demonstrations included the burning of different elements, which scientists use to look at chemicals in stars of other solar systems. The highlight of the event was the dry ice, looking at the difference between the weight of a carbon dioxide balloon and a normal air balloon, as well as freezing a banana skin that was later smashed.

     There is a multitude of science careers available, with a demand for scientists in areas such as engineering, research and pharmaceuticals, and hopefully some of our Year 9 scientists were inspired to consider science as a possible career path.