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Archway School

The Decent Rogues

Once again our students worked tirelessly towards the Archway School musical.

This year the students in Y7-13 worked together to produce a stunning performance of 'The Decent Rogues'. With the support of Dan Lashbrook, one of the writers, the students were really able to get to the heart of Horston Barrow and what the show was about. ‚ÄčEach night the students impressed audiences with their singing, dancing and acting. On the final evening students had the added excitement of knowing Dan's watchful eye was in the audience. The students blew both us and him away. After the show Dan went backstage to congratulate all of the students and also emailed through the following message:

      "Huge congratulations! It was an absolute pleasure to watch Rogues. You, Lauran and the whole company should rightly be enormously proud of what you achieved. The show looked and sounded beautiful and you got the feel of the story and the characters just right. I was really pleased that you steered away from farce, melodrama and puffs of green smoke especially regarding Blinker's characterisation and it was just lovely seeing what new little details you'd found in the script and songs. Things we hadn't even thought of!" 


     Well done to all students involved and of course thanks again to the parents for their support.

     I wish all the students well in future endeavours.

 Miss K Wyndow