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Archway School

Year 10 trip with Bridge Builders to Enterprise Rent-a-Car Head Offices in Cardiff               

Once again, Enterprise Rent-a-Car entertained a group of 11 Year 10 boys who are taking part in the Bridge Builders mentoring programme, which teams up mentors from the business world with Year 10 students. 

The day kicked off with some fun interactive games to help break the ice and get everyone relaxed and comfortable.  The students then had a quiz to test their general knowledge of makes of cars; both Mrs Jowett and Mrs Empsall were extremely impressed with the boys’ knowledge. 

     Jay Powell was very brave and put himself forward in a role play with some of the mentors on how to handle tricky, difficult customers and their complaints.  The mentors were very impressed with how Jay did and said that he performed better than some of their graduates who start their training scheme.  Callum Hodgson also did a role play with the HR and Acquisitions manager in an interview practice; again, the mentors and other Enterprise staff were impressed with how Callum interviewed and said that he came across as confident and self-assured. 

     The students were given tips and ideas on how to interview well and how to write a good CV. They were also given talks by the Sales Manager and his team.  A fabulous buffet lunch was provided and then followed by the highlight of the day.  The students had the opportunity to look at, sit in and admire a BMW i8 and a Porsche Boxter which had been especially freighted down from Heathrow for the boys to look at.  Finally, Liam Murray and Kieron Goodfield said a public thank you to the mentors and other Enterprise staff for a fantastic day.