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Archway School

The Music Works

Two rappers recently visited Archway and spent the morning with 30 year 8 boys, helping them to mix a creative blend of poetry and rap.

This was an extraordinary experience for the students, who not only got to explore the many features of rap and its history, but also helped them to engage in writing and creating poetry. Rap is a poetry art form as it includes rhyme, rhythm and a beat, and the students really engaged with the poetry writing process.

     Students were allowed to write their rap about any topic of their choice, but discussed the importance of including themes and key vocabulary which created imagery. All of the students got to record their own raps, and some even had the confidence to perform in front of one another.

     At the very end of the session, the students got to take part in a rap battle which Ryan Adams successfully won. Those who took part in the rap battle really thought on their feet to create new rhymes and develop ideas.

     I am really impressed with how the students presented themselves to the rappers, and I look forward to seeing them tackle poetry with a lot more confidence in the future.