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Archway School

Wimereux Wow!

Upon choosing a day of the EU Referendum to travel (for added excitement), 88 year 7 students were taken by the MFL department to Wimereux (near to Boulogne). 

Our tired and intrepid learners were allowed to pass into France to practise their language with the locals. A successful visit to the market ensured lunch was bought and the students made full use of their sondage to interview people – many of whom were tourists and informed them that they enjoy visiting Wimereux because of the sea air. After a game of football and a search of rockpools (2 dead crabs were given a burial), on the beach, ice creams were earned – every single student ordered in French from a very patient ice cream seller. Mrs Davies also practised her French skills by engaging in a debate about the referendum with said ice cream vendor. A quick visit to the hypermarket ensured that our Year 7 have eaten their sugar quota for the year, in one single day. We were waved quite happily away from France and returned as very accomplished linguists. Bravo Year 7!