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Archway School

Easter Activities

The list below are some suggested Easter activities, these are optional but might help beat the boredom!

There are rewards to be gained by completing any of the tasks. If you complete a task take photo of it or make a PowerPoint etc and send them to Five praise points will be given to every entry and there will be a draw made to achieve a bigger reward, when we return to school.

Please make your name and registration group clear on your submission. You can do as many tasks as you like.

There are 14 Activities, one for each day of the Easter break!?


  1. Treasure hunt – Collect these items and take a photo of all the items together (can be a picture or a piece of writing or an actual item).
    1. A science discovery or invention made between 1800 and 1900
    2. A book or a quote from a book
    3. Photo of a holiday
    4. Something invented by Karl Benz
    5. Something invented by Thomas Edison
    6. Something to do with a sport
    7. An object that contains graphite
    8. Something that contains a prime number
    9. A calculation to work out the floor area in your bedroom.
  2. Easter Egg Design – Design an Easter egg for a subject in school. E.g. a science Easter egg design might include some science equipment or if you are in KS4 maybe a revision Easter egg design that includes somethings you need to remember.
  3. Make a quiz for a quiz night in your home. Include different round for different subjects, use questions from different subjects and see how everyone gets on in your house. Do They know more than you?!
  4. Write a book review for the last book you read or a book that you read in tutor time last. Maybe write an alternative ending or the start of book two, continuing the story.
  5. Make a model related to a subject in school.
  6. Write a story about the things you will do and the places you will go when this isolation is all over.
  7. Go on and do the quizzes and research and write about a job you are really interested in and why you are interested in it.
  8. Create a fitness programme for someone in your house (or yourself). Using things round the house as part of the fitness activities.
  9. Find a photo of your favourite holiday destination and write about why it is your favourite
  10. Write about your favourite hobby and explain how this hobby is related to subjects at school? E.g. the maths in basketball etc etc
  11. Do some gardening and take a photo before and after. Explain what you did.
  12. Help cook a meal. Take a photo of the meal and write instructions on how to make it.
  13. Make a scaled diagram floor plan of your bedroom. You will need a tape measure or use your measure app on your phone if you have one. Include position of the furniture in the room and draw the plan of them to scale.
  14. Visit an online museum like the British museum or national history museum. Some other ideas here Write about what you find in these places.

You could always finish any work set on Show my Homework that you have not completed.