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Archway School


Edulink is our new parental information and communication system. We will be using this system to provide you with essential information about your child/ren and their lives at Archway School.

Edulink is a purpose built parental communication tool in the form of an iOS and Android App – with support from a website for those unable to access the apps.

For security, this new system requires an individual parent login username and password. If you have more than one child at the school, you will only require one account and all children will be visible through this.

To access this new tool you can download the App for your device:
Amazon Fire:

If you do not have a device suitable for the app, you can access the same great features through the website here:!/login?code=arch

We will let you know of new features by email or via twitter by following @Archway_school

Your school ID for the app is: arch

Below is a view of the current nodes within Edulink available to you:

Contacts: Here you will find the contact information we have on record for yourself such as address, email and contact numbers. Please email if any of this information is incorrect.

Behaviour: You can view a list of behaviour incidents, as well as a running total of your child’s behaviour points.

Achievement: This section is where you can view information on positive achievements that have been awarded to your child. You can access a list of rewards along with any comments from the awarding teacher, as well as a running total of the number of reward points your child has accrued this year in the bottom right-hand corner.

Attendance: The Attendance section allows you to view various attendance reports your child, including an overview of the current day, month, and year, as well as a breakdown of your child’s attendance by subject/lesson.

Absence Reporting: The Absence Reporting screen allows you to provide reasons for your child’s absences to the School. You will be able to select a date range, enter a reason for the absence, and attach any supporting evidence (such as an appointment letter). When you press Send, a message will be sent to the Attendance Officer for approval.

Timetable: From here, you can your child’s timetable, showing you what lessons they have and who their teachers are for each lesson.

Documents: In the Documents screen, you will see any reports made available about your child, these will include interim reports going back to when your child started at Archway School. All reports are available to download in PDF format.

Messages: The message button can be found along the bottom of the screen in the web browser view, or in the top right if you are using the app. Here you will be able to read any messages that have been sent to you regarding any of your children from staff at the School.