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Archway School



This page tells you who the Governors of Archway School are, what they do and how they do it. You can also read minutes of the Full Governors' Meetings at the bottom of this page.

Archway School Governors

Governor Name

Governor Type

Start of term of office

End of term of office

Miss Anne-Marie Delrosa (Chair)




Mr Barnes Clutterbuck (Vice Chair)


24/01/2017 23/01/2021

Mr Kieron Smith




Dr Pam Swindell

Co-opted 06/03/2019


Mr Gavin Townsend




Mr Christopher Berry Co-opted 22/05/2019 21/05/2023
Mr George James Co-opted 22/05/2019 21/05/2023
Ms Julie Brindle Co-opted 22/05/2019 21/05/2023
Mrs Nicola Farrow Co-opted 03/07/2019 02/07/2023

Mrs Natasha Rolls




Dr Martin Ansell Parent 17/11/2017 16/11/2021
Mr Robert Hurter Parent 27/01/2020 26/01/2024
Mrs Gill Ferry Co-opted 11/12/2019 10/12/2023
Mr Stewart King Co-opted 11/12/2019 10/12/2023
Click here for Archway School Governor profiles.

Clare Hankey, Barry Upward, Vic Lewis and Lesley Ryall resigned from the governing body February 2019.
Suzanne Ryder and Alan Potter resigned from the governing body September 2019.
Georgia Boon resigned from the governing body October 2019.
Anna Ellis resigned from the governing body December 2019.
Nigel Cooper and Sarah Warner resigned from the governing body June 2020.

Contact the Chair or Clerk of Archway School Governors

The chair of the Governors is Anne-Marie Delrosa


The clerk of the Governors is Angela Lamond


To write to any of the Governors, please send letters to the school, addressed to the named Governor, or the Governing Body.

What is a school governor?

There are various types of governors drawn from different areas of the community including parents, staff, the local authority and other groups.

Governors are volunteers who spend about six hours each month attending meetings and working to further the school's development. Parent governors and school staff governors are elected, other governors are appointed by the local authority or selected by the governing body to represent the wider community.

Click here for information about becoming a school governor.

What do governors do?

School governors make a positive contribution to your children's education. Together with the head teacher, they set the direction of the school and decide how the school's budget should be spent. Governing bodies make decisions on matters such as school policies and the school's Development Plan.


Curriculum and Standards
Martin Ansell (Chair)
Kieron Smith (Headteacher)
Pam Swindell
Julie Brindle
Anne-Marie Delrosa
Nicola Farrow
Gill Ferry
Robert Hurter
Natasha Rolls
Gavin Townsend
SLT co-opted members: Dominic Salmon (Deputy Head); Rachel O’Bryan (Assistant Head); Kay Young (Deputy Head); Julian young (Assistant Head)

Staffing and Finance
Kieron Smith (Headteacher)
George James
Barnes Clutterbuck (Acting chair)
Anne-Marie Delrosa
Stewart King
Christopher Berry
SLT co-opted member: Hazel Morgan (Business Manager)

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Click here to see governors' attendance at committees and full governing body meetings during the school year 2019-20

Archway School and your child

The Governors work with the headteacher and staff to ensure your child has a happy and successful time at Archway.

Through regular surveys at parents' evenings we know that the vast majority of students, their parents and carers are happy with Archway School. However, we are aware that situations may arise where you want to ask further questions or bring matters to the attention of the school.

To help you do this, the school has procedures to help resolve any issues that you, as a parent or carer, may have.

Please click here to go to the Parents' section of the Archway School website and select the section on 'Policies' where you will find the Complaints Policy.

If, having gone through the agreed procedures you feel you need to contact the Governing Body, please send a letter to the school, or leave a letter at the school reception, addressed to the Chair of the Governors (or another named Governor from the list above) or  or .

Election of Governors

Parent Governors: Parent governors are elected by other parents at the school. When a parent governor vacancy/vacancies occurs, nominatios are invited from the parent body.If the number of nominations is equal to, or fewer than the number of vacancies to be filled, a ballot need not be held. The nominee(s) is/are automatically elected unopposed. If there are more nominations than there are vacancies,  arrangements are made for a secret ballot to be held. 

Staff Governors: a notice to all staff is circulated if a vacncy for a staff governor occurs. Staff can nominate a candidate or self-nominate. If only one nomination is received, the nominee will be deemed to have been elected unopposed. if more than nomination is made, an election is held by secret ballot.

Local Authority Governors: Local Authority Governors are nominated by the Local Authority but appointed by the Governing Body.

Co-opted Governors: co-opted governors are appointed by the governing body.  They are people who, in the opinion of the governing body, have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance of the school.

More information

  • Up to date school policies covering a wide range of issues of interest to parents and carers are available on the Parents' section  of this website
  • For more information about the different types of governor or how you could become a governor at Archway or any other school in the county, please visit the Gloucestershire County Council's Governor webpages
  • This national Government website  has a lot of useful information for parents
  • The term of office for governors is four years