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Archway School


SMH is an online tool to help students keep track of their homework. Teachers will use it to set homework and it will ensure that students and parents always have the information they need about homework available via the Web, Mobile and Tablet devices.

Show My Homework will allow students and parents to see the details of task which students have been set.

Simply visit Show My Homework Calendar to view our school’s live homework calendar or Show My Homework Login to log in.

 24/7 access

 View quality and quantity of homework

 Translation into over 50 languages

 Apps available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices

 Receive automated notifications before homework is due

Homework can be accessed by teachers, students and parents/carers in the following ways:

·         Please go to Show My Homework

·         There is no login required to see the school homework calendar. Homework that is set can be seen across the school and then filters can be used to find subject teacher and/or different groups.

·         A personalised homework calendar will be available for all users including students and parents. Once log in details are received individual homework schedules can be seen. (log- ins will be issued towards the end of September 2016)

·         There are iPhone and Android apps available for free for students and parents.

We will be launching Show My Homework from September 2016 and we hope that this service will provide parents with a deeper insight into the homework which students receive. More importantly, we hope that it will improve organisation, time-management, and help students to keep on top of their workload.

Please note that we will be using Show My Homework to publish homework tasks to students and parents.  Teachers will still use internal systems to mark, record and monitor homework.  The Gradebook feature of the Show My Homework is not going to be used to acknowledge or mark students’ homework at this stage.