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Archway School

Special Educational Needs at Archway School

Quality First teaching is the framework that underpins all students’ academic learning at Archway School.

Identifying Special Educational Needs (SEN)

We work closely with primary schools to gather vital information from parents and carers. This helps create an in-depth picture of studentss and their needs before they arrive. Students and parents are invited to make extra visits so that staff can talk to them and ensure that we know their needs. The Headteacher along with the governing body allocate funds and resources in consultation with the SENCO.

Access to Support

All students in year 7 will undergo the following assessments:

  1. Reading assessments
  2. Spelling assessment
  3. Cognitive ability tests

These tests support the setting process in Literacy and Numeracy.

Additionally students on the SEN register are tested on:

  1. Literal comprehension
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Inference and Analysis skills
  4. Writing and Typing speeds
  5. Receptive Language (BPVS)
  6. Mathematics competency tests
  7. Movement Assessment (motor skills screening)

Students who have interventions are screened regularly and parents are notified via Student Support Plans


The school site is accessible to wheelchair users and there are lifts to access upper floors in the main building. We have disabled toilets. The Learning Support Department has four teaching rooms and a disabled toilet and kitchen area. Disability needs will be reviewed as any other needs become apparent.

We have a team of 20 Teaching Assistants; 17 have an NVQ 3 qualification in Child Care and Education and above. There is a designated Teaching Assistant to work with students who have expressive and receptive language concerns. Specialist Teaching Assistants are linked to Maths English and Science. There are Teaching Assistants who support students with physical impairment and hearing needs. For both KS3 and KS4 there are homework clubs which runs twice weekly. Learning Support also runs a lunch time club specifically for year 7 students throughout their transition. All students on the SEN register have access to a designated keyworker who is one of the Teaching Assistants.

The Lead Teaching Assistant works closely with the Head of Learning Support (SENCO) who holds the National Qualification of SEN, to co-ordinate support across a range of subjects. The Head of Learning Support shares good practice to all teaching staff. Mainstream staff have access to strategies that can support their planning for differentiation. All staff have access to Student Support Plans. These are reviewed annually and updated three times per year.

The majority of interventions take place in the English and Maths lessons. Specialist SEN teachers deliver to lower ability sets and mainstream work is provided but is differentiated for SEN students to access. For students who have specific literacy concerns, they access an extra programme of support once per week. A range of materials are used to underpin their learning. SRA, PAT, Rapid Reader programmes are used to deliver this support for literacy. In years 8 and 9, for those who still require intervention, support will take place out of Modern Foreign Languages for one lesson per week. Once literacy levels improve they are taken off the register.

At KS4 there is a Literacy plus option which enables key students to have access to extra support for key lessons. The literacy plus option will also enable some students to access alternative programmes of study. Functional skills level 1 and 2 and Higher Learning Project skills are studied in this option.

Medical Provision

We have access to a range of support agencies and these are reviewed annually to ensure that the best advice and support is given.

We work closely with the Advisory Teachers for Hearing Impairment Visual Impairment, Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning and Physical Disabilities team.

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language
  • Educational Psychologist
  • School Nurse – weekly drop in sessions

Review and Evaluation

All students are closely monitored throughout the term. As they make sustained progress they are taken off the SEN register. If students are not making sufficient progress, then we will alter the type of support we offer, to remove the barriers to their learning.


We seek to hold discussions with students, parents and teachers which feed into the Student Support Plans. Interim reports are sent out three times per year, they comment on grades effort and behaviour.

Parents can see the SENCO at the parents’ evenings, alternatively, parents can discuss any issue over the telephone (Mrs Jones, Lead Teaching Assistant and Mrs Mills, SEN Admin), email contact or face to face meetings.

Communication will also take place with local primary schools and previous schools for those who move mid-term. We work closely with a range of college providers and to ensure that students with SEN have access to the most appropriate courses when they move from Archway School.

Getting in touch

If you need to get in touch to discuss any issues, to find out more about how we support SEN students or to make a complaint there are a number of ways you can do this:

Further sources of Information

1. The Learning Difficulties and Disabilities Policy is available by Clicking here

2. Gloucester Parent Partnership Service at

3. See website for teaching strategies used for students with various SEN